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 L.A. Based Joju is Stirring Up the Baby Food Scene 


June 2020 


In April 2020, with COVID-19 at its peak, co-founders Christine Elfalan and Dana Ark launched Joju because they saw that now, more than ever, parents needed a convenient way to bring healthy, delicious food to their babies. As one customer noted, “Getting groceries delivered has been stressful during the pandemic, so I’m thrilled I can rely on Joju to take care of my baby’s food.” Joju is reshaping the baby food industry by making fresh, tasty baby food in a local kitchen and delivers it directly to homes in reusable containers that are later picked up for reuse.


What separates them from the pack:


Locally-made baby food: As moms themselves, Christine and Dana understand first-hand the importance of feeding your baby fresh, high-quality, organic foods. Every order is made the day before it is delivered, ensuring fresh, nutritious baby food every time.

The Milkman Model: While many food delivery services are convenient, most of them end up generating a ton of waste in packaging. Joju believes in minimal waste, which is why they’ve revived the milkman model. Their delivery consists of reusable coolers, cold-packs and jars, which are picked up at each delivery and thoroughly sanitized for reuse.

Focused on palate development: Joju provides two kinds of food - Classic and Foodie. Their classic flavors are single-ingredient and perfect for babies new to solids. Their foodie flavors are multi-ingredient purees ranging in texture and often include superfoods, grains, herbs and spices focused on palate development.

Convenience without the huge price tag: With their subscription plans and free delivery and pick up, Joju crafts its service to optimize convenience.” Being a parent is hard enough. Joju seeks to lend a helping hand so parents can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their families.


How it works:


  1. Easy sign up: Parents can sign up at for either a monthly or weekly plan.

  2. Customizable: Each week, parents get a new menu of flavors to choose from.

  3. Weekly deliveries: Jars are cooked fresh weekly and delivered directly to parents.

  4. Rinse and Repeat: Once done, Joju will pick up the used jars and drop off the new set.


The inspiration for Joju’s unique business model comes from Christine and Dana’s own experiences as moms.


Christine spent hours cooking food for her daughter Jordan. Being her first-born, “it was really important that the food was fresh, not the store-bought stuff,” she says. However, working full time as an executive at a tech start-up made it incredibly challenging to find time to cook every day. Because of its simplicity, mashed avocado and bananas became a staple, but Christine was desperate to find another way to give Jordan a variety of fresh food.


As a mother of two, Dana found herself looking for convenient options to feed her growing girls. While dining out one evening with her family, she noticed everyone around the table was eating fresh, healthy food off the menu, while Baby Julia was slurping on a store-bought pouch. “I hated that I had to choose between convenience and nutrition.” recalls Dana.


Inspired by their daughters, (Jo)rdan and (Ju)lia, Christine and Dana worked together to find a solution to both their problems. From their partnership, Joju was born. 


“We’re passionate about fresh and nutritious baby food — stuff that you would want to eat. Delivered to you in an eco-friendly way, because that’s what the next generation deserves.”


Joju currently offers its service to the greater Los Angeles area, with plans to expand to other cities. Plans are available direct to consumers at


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