Our Food

Not only do we use 100% organic ingredients, we also know that babies grow really fast! This is why we have three types of food for whatever stage your baby is in.


These jars are single-ingredient, smooth purees. Ideal for babies just starting out on solids. (Stage 1)


These jars are multi-ingredients purees ranging from smoothed to textured. Ideal for babies with a little more experience (Stage 2-3)


These jars are finger foods for those ready to explore new textures. Everything is cooked until soft so it's easy to chew. (Table Food)


Two ways to get Joju

By the jar

Just need a few jars for the week? Not ready to commit to a membership? This is for you!

Plus, enjoy free delivery on orders over $50

membership plans

We have weekly or monthly plans to make feeding your little one the easiest thing you'll do all day.

Free delivery on most membership plans

Where to get Joju



The South Bay

The West Side


(Jar return does not apply)

LA County

Orange County

San Diego County

Ventura County

Jar Return Service



Select from our menu each week. We'll cook to order & deliver straight to your door.


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Keep the jars in your fridge until your little one is ready to enjoy them. 



We'll pick up your used jars when we drop off your next set of jars.*

For our local delivery orders, we offer a jar return service. Similar to the old milkman model, we'll pick up your old jars when we drop off your new one.