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Local Kitchen.

Most baby food businesses make their food in bulk in a large facility so they can ship nationwide. At Joju, we cook our food locally in small batches in a Los Angeles kitchen. This allows us to focus on quality and freshness.


Mom Made.

Our recipes are created by our head Mama Chef with the oversight of nutritionists and pediatricians. We've spent months perfecting each jar and you can be sure every meal is flavorful and packed with nutrients. Trust us, the food is tasty. 



For our local delivery orders, our jar return service ensures we are doing right by the environment. Just rinse and leave your used jars on your porch and we'll pick them up when we drop off your new meals for the week. 

Palate Development.

We take pride in offering new flavors and textures and playing a part in building kids' palates at an early age. Many of our recipes are inspired by dishes we've been fortunate to be exposed to through travel as well as LA's amazing culinary diversity. 

Herbs and Minerals


"I love that we are not wasting jars! I couldn’t find another service that reused glass jars so I was so happy to find Joju"


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